Stuff myths

are made of

From the first

olive tree


Packaging Design


The bottle for the Moria Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil was selected mainly to project a message of high quality. In contrast with its glamorous image, we used a cloth material instead of label to create a more intimate feeling to the touch. The result is a product that looks high-end but feels familiar and ready to be used.

Gift Box Design


For the gift box version of the product, instead of going with a more glamorous approach, we chose to produce a more humble looking wooden box. The idea was in one hand to emphasize the traditional origins of the product, and in the other to create an unexpected experience when the receiver opened the box, accessing its prestigious content.


Wrapping it up

Creating the Moria Elea brand was an awarding experience for everybody. We got to create a unique and valuable brand, and we literally got awarded for it! Our clients got the tools they needed to bring their product to its deserved place in the market. And the brand’s audience got a product that exceeded their expectations.

The Moria Elea project stands to prove that you can have the best of both worlds, the old and the new, the luxurious and the intimate. All you need to achieve that, is to create a strategy and plan ahead. The proper, thought through strategy can make a big difference especially for brand that need to accomplish too much.

Spiros Drakatos

Creative Director

Morea Elea Case Study

Valuable through the ages

Luxury Product Promotion


The task of creating a luxury product isn’t one without its caveats. Luxury can be perceived as alienating, irrelevant or even fake if it doesn’t convince its audience that its brand story is truthful. We wanted to avoid these traps and so we created an image that although it was presented to be exclusive it also managed to remain familiar.


The materials we used in the packaging and the styling and themes in the various photo shoots, were the key factors in achieving that goal.  Luxury doesn’t have to be hard to reach.

Moria Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won in a number of international competitions, both for its olive oil quality and its packaging design. The combination of the two is important for the building of its brand myth.

The Back Story


Olive Vision is a fast growing company with expertise in producing premium Greek extra virgin olive oil. Bringing together a family’s passion for their olive grove and international marketing expertise, Olive Vision’s founders set out to offer consumers not just an excellent product, but a superior experience. Two of the best olive cultivates, Koroneiki and Manaki, are grown in the family grove in sunny, southern Greece, where they are harvested by hand and lovingly taken through a pressing and bottling process designed to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards.

The Strategy


In building the Morea Elea brand we had to compete with an ever growing number of extra virgin olive oils in the market. Most of these products boast their high quality and premium design in their packaging, and most of them rightly so. So, what is it that makes them apart, delivering some special value to its audience?


We wanted to use design not just to make heads turn, but as a medium to convey the brand story and the promise it makes to its audience. A promise of a product that is in a class of its own, not because it is put in an expensive packaging, but because it carries all the values and ideals of its centuries old tradition.


The Design System


We created a relationship between the old and the new, where the old keeps all its traditional value, and the new brings that value to the present day.


Defining the identity


We designed the logos and corporate identity for both the mother company, Olive Vision, and the product brand Moria Elea. Whether the later projects the product myth, that of the first olive tree, using a more classical look, the former bring the whole thing to today, presenting a modern company that innovates and leads its market. The relationship between the two logos was critical to the visual communication strategy and the goals we wanted to achieve in communicating with the brand’s audience.

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