Caravan Next Roots 

We created the main visual identity and a series of applications for the Caravan Next festival in Heraklio, Crete. Its theme was around the concept of Roots and it was based on the collaboration of various cultural organizations that presented their work in the duration of four days. We conceived the project as an explosion of ideas and feelings, and based its identity around that. We designed three different posters, keeping the circle as the main element, since it functions as a symbol of unity and integrity.

Fiori Flower Design Philosophy 

We designed the sub-logo and created a variety of corporate identity applications, for Fiori Flower Design Philosophy chain of flower shops. Our goal was to transfer the clean, minimal design philosophy of the Fiori products to its branding applications. Much attention was given to the details and nothing was left out, not even the small price tags that were designed to be placed inside the flower compositions, or stand on their own beside the products.  The sub-logo is designed to represent the basic moto of the brand, “Design Nature”.

Nick Nack 

We all have these special objects that mean so much and sometimes are worth very little in comparison. That was the basic idea behind Nick Nack, a shop where you could find something special for someone you love, even if that happens to be yourself! Designing for a new buying experience was an interesting goal. It had to be honest and intimate, but at the same time had to provide a high-end-worth-your-money feeling for the customer. Although the brand was design oriented, we had to find the right balance so that design didn’t end up too cold and distant for its audience.


We designed the catalogues and promotional applications for two of Naute’s exhibitions. As with most of the exhibition catalogues we have designed, the goal was to promote the artworks presented and not the catalogues themselves. We used a clean and minimal layout for the artwork pages and presented the philosophy of the exhibitions in the neutral pages, like the covers and contents spreads. In the end a visual identity was created for the two exhibitions, an identity that made them communicating parts of a multi layered project.

Kelyphos Aqua Labs

When a company is internationally acclaimed for its superb product design and aesthetics, it is only natural that when it comes to it’s corporate brochure, expectations will be high. We designed a series of leaflets for their various services and designed a way for these to come together, creating a single all containing brochure. The small booklet was then inserted in a larger sleeve, made from PVC, to produce a result that was a handful to hold. The whole concept is based on the geometry of the brand’s logo, a circular fish that is the main visual in the cover.

Fiori Flower Design Philosophy 

When we were asked to design a corporate brochure for Fiori Flowers Philosophy, we knew we would have to create something as original and exclusive as the brand itself.  From the selection of the paper, to the cover construction and the custom created illustrations and photographs, this is a brochure that doesn’t just present a company profile, but the philosophy behind it. The cover was specially embossed with the brand moto “design nature” and was folded four times to hide its binding. Its recipients were basically corporate clients and associates.



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