Epixeiro Business Portal

Epixeiro.gr is the biggest and most reliable business related, news portal in Greece. With over 300K visits per month, it is the must-go place for Greek the business and startup communities. We were called to help with the redesign of its aging image and functionality. For a project this big, it was essential to use UX (User Experience) techniques that give us the best possible insight and help design and develop, without losing time and money. The site's UI (User Interface) was redesigned from scratch, based on a new information architecture and providing a clear to understand navigation.

Gruppo Decorativo

Designing websites for other creatives is never an easy task. You have to be careful not to overshadow their work in order to create an interesting vessel for their portfolio. We approached the website redesign for interior design firm Gruppo Decorativo, trying on one hand to create a clean and easy to use environment, and on the other to provide them with a web presence that would stand out from so many generic looking portfolios.

Hospes Property Services

Creating a website for a real estate agency can be boring, unless you try to create a distinct brand image instead. Real estate is a quite competitive field, so it always a good idea to try and create a special looking identity to differentiate the client from the crowd. That was the case with Hospes Property Management Services. The creation of a special brand identity that starts from the website and projects the company's dedication and professionalism.

Start Up Connect Berlin

After a successful collaboration for the creation of their website, Startup Connect Berlin asked us to design a series of banners to promote the event in their social media. We used the "On Fire" theme that was prominent in the website, to create a connection between the two and promote the fresh and individual feeling we achieved there. The outcome was a collection of fun, up beat slides that projected the philosophy of the event.

Start Up Connect Berlin

We designed the website for the Startup Connect event that took place in Berlin. The event was to be communicated to young entrepreneurs, but also to corporate players that would want to sponsor or be part of the presentations.  Our main goal was to create a website with a distinct visual identity, that would take it apart from other events on the same subjects. The theme of the website and its digital promotion was kept on the concept of being on fire, stating the passion for the subject.

Elysium Beach Resort

We created the brand identity and the website design for luxury beach resort Elisium, in Crete. The hotel architecture uses minimal forms and high quality materials, so the identity for the various hotel applications and also for the website, was designed to reflect that. Our main goal while designing the website, was to convey the feeling of the hotel and its spaces as well as to communicate its information in a simple and direct way.

IMKhistorical museum 

All of the museum’s brand applications were to be designed to project a modern, but at the same time in close contact with its traditional roots. The heritage of the Historical Museum of Crete is equally important to the Greek people and those who come from all over the world to see its exhibitions. We created an identity that although modern it would carry the weight of the historical artifacts in the museum collections.

Elf of Fate

We created the Elf of Fate as a side-project, putting our own little brick to the App Store temple. Its’ purpose was to provide a fun way for its user, to get a random answer when faced with a dilemma. All they had to do was to ask their question, shake the phone and wait for the Elf to reply. The illustrations were greatly influenced by Japanese manga, a never-dying love of ours, and the various expressions they use in the comics. The app provided three ways for the Elf to reply and was even giving lucky numbers! We haven’t heard from any Lotto winners, yet...

Fiori Flower Design Philosophy

Designing an eshop is very challenging task. You don’t want to create something that will resemble every other eshop out there, and on the other hand you don’t want to design something that will be so unique that people will have a hard time using it.  It is a very thin balance and the fact that the most famous eshop in the world, Amazon, has had only minor updates in its design for decades, suggests that in eshop design, unique and innovative isn’t always better. With the Fiori eshop, we tried to walk on that thin line and provide a shopping experience that would be both familiar and exclusive.



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