Blue Lagoon Village

To build something on the scale of Blue Lagoon Village on the edge of a Greek island and manage to make it look like it is part of the natural scenery is no easy task. We had to create something as impressing, distinctive and at the same time discreet as the hotel itself. The artworks would decorate all the communal spaces as well as the hotel rooms in all their variations.They should reflect the type and use of each space and while presenting their diversity, manage to bring them all together in unity.

Gruppo Decorativo

With great pleasure we designed the exhibition booth graphics for Gruppo Decorativo at Horeca 2016. Gruppo created the booth from cardboard boxes and we designed the graphics that represent their values and methods. It is always an interesting task to combine different skills and areas of design, especially when your goal is to project a brand's true value.

Creta Maris Resort

We were commissioned to create a series of artworks for the luxury suites of Creta Maris Hotel. The main goal was to provide the visitor with a visual experience that would be in tune with their surroundings. As a result we designed a wooden statue, with reference to ancient Greek idols, and a variety of paintings to decorate the room walls. All the materials used were chosen to have an earthly feel and look, that was combined with the general decoration of the suites.

Tuv Academy

We created the environmental graphics for TUV Austria Hellas Academy offices. The Academy provides a selection of courses for various professionals, so our main idea moved around the concepts of Knowledge and discovery. A selection of quotes about these subjects were used, giving the typographic elements a distinct presence in the various spaces. Blurry images of moving people were also used, to provide a feeling of the fast paced markets, where information is a crucial tool that can make the difference between success and failure.

Nick Nack

This store window design for Nick Nack, wanted to make the customer part of the creation process. It used lyrics from a chosen song and through social media asked people to identify it. The first who would find the correct song, could in turn propose a new song to be implemented in the store window, to be discovered by others. The idea was that we all have a song, or some lyrics from one, that means a lot to us, and how we could pass that along to others who until that time had no idea it existed. The first song pictured below was one of our favorites, Rapunzel by Novac.

Terra Petra

Carton People was an installation created for one of the spaces of Terra Petra complex of bars and restaurants. The installation was set to take up the whole space of one of its bars, and it functioned as a waiting space for customers. Three dimensional figures of little people were designed and constructed from carton, and put together they created a number of compositions, each of which presented a famous quote from an important historical figure. The quotes were presented in their original language, leaving the visitor with the task of discovering the meaning by themselves.

CleanUp Laundries

We designed the CleanUp laundry stores to convey a complete experience of cleanness and freshness to the visitor. The spaces were ergonomically studied and designed to host both the technical machinery needed for cleaning, and the customer area for delivering and picking up of the clothes. We used a strong presence of the brand identity, colors and iconography, to achieve the best brand awareness, since from the beginning the store was set to become a franchise business. Each store in the chain has been studied and designed separately depending on the size and complexity of the space.



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