Grovestone Product Packaging

We created a series of product packagings for the Grovestone brand in Chicago. They sell a variety of olive oils and vinegars, as well as various organically produces spices and herbs. A strong typogtaphic theme was selected to create a distinct visual identity and gather all the products into a brand family that projects high quality and value. You can find out more packaging goodness we created for Grovestone here.

Tithasi Οlive Οil

Tithasi is the tamed olive tree in ancient Greek, and we discovered it when working on the naming for its mother brand Kortis. The extra virgin olive oil is produced in Gortina, Crete, it is considered of very high quality and is already awarded for it. We used the ancient scripture of Gortina as the main theme for our design. The scripture is considered to be the oldest in Europe, and it is related to commercial laws of the time, including the trade of olive oil. Its kind is called "voustrafidon" -that is the back and forth movement of the ox as it plows the field - and it is read from right to left and then the other way, as shown below. As a tribute, we used this way of writing to write the Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the logo.

Zandi K Products

It has been a pleasure to design a series of products for Colorado based Zandi K cosmetics. The Deck Scrub range takes care of the sensitive skin around the bikini area, so our approach had to be playful and delicate at the same time. We used the form or the tube containing the product, as the lower part of the female body, and simply put a bikini to it! Typographic design was used in combination with the black color of the tube, to provide a high-end look and feel to the product.

Grovestone Olive Oil

The Grovestone brand was set to achieve a hard and complicated task: to bring itself apart from the other oil and vinegar brands that seem to be trending at this time. High-end design was part of the brand values, but it wouldn’t be enough since many other brands were already on this path. The combination of design with more traditional materials and experiences, was what made Grovestone unique. The award winning packaging for its high quality, extra virgin olive oil, was part of a greater effort, including the design of their first retail store, to make that combination come to life.

Family Farm


Mavroliatis Wine

We created the award winning label for Mavroliatis wine to be as unique as the wine it represents. We used a excerpt from Nikos Kazantakis, shaped like a finger print, both exclusive in their own way. The label uses black and silver that convey the high quality of the wine. To avoid creating another luxurious label, we used the cyan color in small parts on the label and on the bottle cup. That brings together the old and the new and makes the product visually stand out on the shelves and between other wine of similar quality.

Moria Elea

Creating the Moria Elea brand was an awarding experience for everybody. We got to create a unique and valuable brand, and we literally got awarded for it! Our clients got the tools they needed to bring their product to its deserved place in the market. And the brand’s audience got a product that exceeded their expectations.The Moria Elea project stands to prove that you can have the best of both worlds, the old and the new, the luxurious and the intimate. All you need to achieve that, is to create a strategy and plan ahead. The proper, thought through strategy can make a big difference especially for brand that need to accomplish too much.

Spiroulina Platensis

Spiroulina Platensis is a health supplement that is believed to help strengthen our body and its functions. We designed its packaging to be somewhere between a health and a medical product. That way we provided the product and the brand with a more authoritative positioning among other health products and even other spiroulina brands. Both its logo and various packaging elements were designed to project a professional, almost medical, approach to the area of health supplements. As always, attention was given to the detail, from points of purchase, down the last pill.



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