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Οlive Οil

Tithasi is the tamed olive tree in ancient Greek, and we discovered it when working on the naming for its mother brand Kortis. The extra virgin olive oil is produced in Gortina, Crete, it is considered of very high quality and is already awarded for it.


We used the ancient scripture of Gortina as the main theme for our design. The scripture is considered to be the oldest in Europe, and it is related to commercial laws of the time, including the trade of olive oil. Its kind is called "voustrafidon" -that is the back and forth movement of the ox as it plows the field - and it is read from right to left and then the other way, as shown below. As a tribute, we used this way of writing to write the Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the logo.

Designed by Spirto  Branding + Design Online