Creating value for brands and their audiences


We believe in creativity, not for its own shake but as a way of living and communicating with others.

What is this



Let's create something great for your brand! is an internationally active, award winning branding agency, set to save the world through design and visual narratives. It has been the creative brainchild (fka Sereal) of Spiros Drakatos and Tonia Augoustaki for the last 12 years. We provide strategic branding & visual communication design services that help brands effectively target their audience and deliver their message in ways that are relative and unique.
We don’t just tell stories, we make people care about them.

More than the sum of its parts


When we came together in 2005, after different individual professional routes , we shared a strong passion for design and communication. Although we have a common vision, we have made what it is today based on our individual qualities and characters.



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